Episode 10: Myrna Sinclair in "Empire State"

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast falls within the genre of Crime/Mystery Fiction and so contains a General Warning of illegal activity, police interactions, violence, and death. For a more specific list of disturbing content and/or potential triggers in this episode, visit our Content Warning page. 

HISTORICAL NOTE: We often make use of real places and events in a fictional context. In this episode, we took that practice further by involving real historical figures from the not-too-distant past. To clarify - beyond the names, occupations and personal histories of Will Reynolds and William F Lamb, all content in the episode is purely fictional. We love using historical details to help us tell stories but we never want our doing so to cast real people and events in an unfair or unflattering light. Mr. Lamb and Mr. Reynolds are products of our imaginations borrowing a few choice facts from history. Laurie's totally super real, though.

While attending an exclusive pre-opening party at the Empire State building, Myrna Sinclair’s evening acquires an…. explosive demeanour. 

Written by Josef Beeby
Post-Production by Josef Beeby and Leete Stetson

Myrna Sinclair - Marika Lapointe
Laurie O'Leary - Rebecca Russell
James Kalinikas / Monty - Leete Stetson
Will Reynolds - Hayden Finkelshtain
Mr. Lamb - Josef Beeby