Episode 9: C.H. Arles in “Murder at Massacre Pines”

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast falls within the genre of Crime/Mystery Fiction and so contains a General Warning of illegal activity, police interactions, violence, and death. For a more specific list of disturbing content and/or potential triggers in this episode, visit our Content Warning page. 

C.H. Arles tries his hardest not to investigate mysterious events while on his vacation at Massacre Pines. 

Written by Leete Stetson
Post-production by Josef Beeby and Leete Stetson


C.H. Arles / Plodder - Leete Stetson
Countess - Liisa Kallasmaa-Davis 
Anna - Kayla Whelan
Phillippa Jepsen - Polly Phokeev
Carruthers - Josef Beeby
Ophiuchus - Grace Smith