Episode 20: Myrna Sinclair in “The Villainous Vindication”

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast falls within the genre of Crime/Mystery Fiction and so contains a General Warning of illegal activity, police interactions, violence, and death. For a more specific list of disturbing content and/or potential triggers in this episode, visit our Content Warning page. 

A twisted turn of fate lands Myrna Sinclair behind bars for a crime she did not commit. Can she find the culprit and save the would-be victim before time runs out?

Written by Polly Phokeev
Post-Production by Josef Beeby and Leete Stetson

Voice Credits:
Emil Rodrigo - Anthony Botelho
Myrna Sinclair / Geraldine Rodrigo - Marika Lapointe
Toby O’Brien - Hayden Finkelshtain
Laurie O’Leary / Aoife O’Brien - Rebecca Russell
Nancy Mendez - Liana Bdewi
Inspector Garrett - Leete Stetson
Man in Cell - Josef Beeby