Episode 18: Jim Buckles in "Excuse Me Waiter, There's A Murder In My Soup!”

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast falls within the genre of Crime/Mystery Fiction and so contains a General Warning of illegal activity, police interactions, violence, and death. For a more specific list of disturbing content and/or potential triggers in this episode, visit our Content Warning page. 

The suspicious death of an officer at the Bi-Annual Police Charity Dinner has detective Jim Buckles racing against the clock to prove his innocence! 

Written by Josef Beeby
Post-production by Josef Beeby and Leete Stetson

Voice Credits:
Annette / Officer Pearl - Liana Bdewi
Officer Thompson / PJ - Rob Murphy
Charlie - Edson Jackson
Jim Buckles - Leete Stetson
Chief - Josef Beeby
Forensic Fran - Polly Phokeev