Episode 7: The Oregon Twins in "The Case of the Perilously Misplaced Placard"

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast falls within the genre of Crime/Mystery Fiction and so contains a General Warning of illegal activity, police interactions, violence, and death. For a more specific list of disturbing content and/or potential triggers in this episode, visit our Content Warning page. 

The Oregon Twins are opening their detective agency for business! But little do they know that the first crime they investigate will be a crime… against themselves.

Written by Grace Smith
Post-production by Josef Beeby and Leete Stetson

Voice Credits:

Sue and Sally Oregon / Jan the Construction Worker - Grace Smith
Darryl Oregon - Edson Jackson
Bradley Oregon - Leete Stetson
Chief / Bob the Construction Worker - Josef Beeby
Irma - Marika Lapointe